The Company

Anglink” Ltd.

“Anglink” is a limited liability company solely owned and managed by Ekaterina Yordanova Abadjieva for the purpose of teaching, organizing courses and seminars, translation services, organizing of children’s parties, consultancy, publishing, advertising, wholesale and retail, import and export, and any other activity, which is not prohibited by law.
It is the result of many years of experience in education, intensive work in the translation field, periodic activities in tourism, international adoptions and charity, long working relationships with leading professionals, constructive friendships with extraordinary personalities, exciting and transformative life experience.


Ekaterina Yordanova Abadjieva ─ A short biography

  • February 2004 – present: Freelance Translator and Teacher: English-Bulgarian/Bulgarian-English translation/interpreting/editing in different areas such as: business, social sciences, law, education, engineering, technology, biology, chemistry, geography, tourism, medicine, dentistry, environmental protection, science fiction,; general English courses, business English courses, certificate courses, English matriculation exam; in-company teaching; individual teaching; online teaching; teaching Bulgarian to foreigners through English.
  • August 2001 – February 2004: Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia: Senior Expert and Translator: Written and oral translation of documents, manuals, minutes, reports, specifications, instructions, agreements, business correspondence; simultaneous and consecutive translation at conferences, seminars, lectures, international meetings, study visits, negotiations.
  • October 1999 – July 2001: AVO3 School of English, Sofia: Teacher in English: Teaching English to various groups of students of different ages and levels; participation in FCE mock exams; preparation of test materials; participation in the accreditation process of the school carried out by Optima.
  • February 1998 – August 1999: High School of Mathematics and Science, Sofia: Teacher in English: Teaching English to high school students; participation in the admission exam procedure and other administrative work.
  • May 1991 – December 1998: Veren Publishers, Sofia: Translator: Translation of books, consecutive and simultaneous translation at meetings, discussions, and lectures.
  • March 1987 – December 1990: St. Kliment of Ohrid University of Sofia: Teacher in English: Teaching English to students of biotechnology and biology; preparation of English study and test materials (co‐author of an English language textbook for students of biotechnology).
  • October 1984 – March 1987: Georgy Rakovsky’s House of Culture, Sofia: Teacher in English: Teaching English to kindergarten children and students of various ages and levels;
  • November 1982 – September 1984: Plant for Capacitors, Kyustendil: Translator: Written translation of specialized literature and documents and oral translation at meetings and negotiations.
  • November1979 – August 1982: High School of Mathematics and Polytechnic High School, Kyustendil: English teacher: Teaching Englishtosecondary school studentsandclasses atadvanced level of English; class leadereship.
  • January 1974 – October 1976: Department of Tourist Information at the Recreation and Tourism Committee, Kyustendil: Information Official and Tourist Guide: Providing tourist information and guidance to foreign tourists and visitors.
  • 1975 1979: St. Kliment of Ohrid University of Sofia: Master’s degree in English Language and Literature.
  • 1968 1973: 114 English Language School, Sofia: secondary education degree.
  • Born: 7 March 1955.


Qualification courses

  • 1981: New methods in higher education teaching and learning.
  • 1987: Methodology of higher education teaching and learning.
  • 1999‐2001: Lesson planning; classroom management.
  • 2001‐2003: Teaching and learning quality improvement in higher education institutions; Management quality improvement in higher education institutions.

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Collaborator: Maya Dimova